What is a Minecraft world seed and how can you change it?

A Minecraft world seed is a string of numbers or text that serves as the basis for generating the terrain and features in a Minecraft world. The seed is used by the game's algorithms to determine the layout of biomes, structures, caves, and other elements within the world. Each seed creates a unique world, but the same seed will always create the same world layout in different instances.


To obtain the Minecraft world seed on a Spigot server:

1. Locate the server.properties file: this is the primary configuration file for your server, usually found in the main server directory where you installed Spigot.

2. Open the file with a text editor (such as Notepad, TextEdit, or Notepad++).

3. Look for the line "level-seed", which should look like this: level-seed=.

4. If there is a value after the "=", this is your current world seed. If the field is empty, the server will use a randomly generated seed.


To set or change the Minecraft world seed on a Spigot server:

1. Locate the server.properties file and open it as described above.

2. Locate the "level-seed" line and enter the desired seed value after the "=" sign. You can use a numeric or a text string as the seed.

3. Save and close the server.properties file.

4. Restart the server for the changes to take effect.


Important Note: Changing the seed in the server.properties file only affects the creation of new worlds. If you want to apply the new seed to an existing world, you must delete or move the existing world folder. This is located in the root directory of the server and is usually named "world". Deleting or moving the folder will cause the server to create a new world with the specified seed the next time it is restarted. Remember that deleting the world folder will delete all progress and builds in that world.


If you want to keep certain parts of the old world, you may need to use external tools or plugins to transfer structures, items or regions between worlds. Remember to make backups before making major changes to your server files to avoid data loss.