How do I upload my own world to a Spigot Minecraft server?

Uploading your own world to a Spigot Minecraft server is a fairly straightforward process. Follow these steps to upload and configure your world

Prepare your world folder

Locate your world folder on your local computer. This folder usually contains files like level.dat, session.lock, and folders like data, playerdata, region, etc. 

Compress the world folder

Create a .zip file of your world folder to reduce the file size for faster uploading. 

Access your server files

You need to access your server files. This can be done via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client like FileZilla or directly via the Pterodactyl Panel File Manager.

Stop your server

Before making any changes, stop your server to avoid possible data corruption.

Upload the compressed world folder

Upload the .zip file you created in step 2 to the root directory of your Spigot server. Use your FTP client or the file manager in the Pterodactyl Panel to do this.

Extract the world folder

Extract the contents of the .zip file to the root directory of your server. If you are using an FTP client, you may need to extract the .zip file on your computer first, and then upload the extracted folder.

Update the file

Locate the file in the root directory of your server. Open the file with a text editor and locate the line level-name=world. Replace "world" with the name of the uploaded world folder and save the changes.

Start your server

Start your server and it should now load your custom world.